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Last updated Feb. 11, 2022

Belgium Cup represents the major knockout football championship of Belgium, and is under patronage of the Belgian Football Association. The first championship is dated back in 1911–12. Starting from 2015–2016 season, the Belgian Cup is also referred to as the Croky Cup based on the contractual obligations with their key sponsor.

The very first cup conducted in Belgium was during 1907–1908 season, however back then there were no actual teams, since they were based on provincial selections. Back then, the province of West Flanders won Antwerp with score 6–2. The following year, the province of Antwerp has won Brabant with score of 5–2.

Afterwards, the cup has undergone suspension for 2 consecutive years and has restarted back in 1911 with actual clubs, however shortly after had to be stopped because of the First World War.

Belgium Cup Predictions

Being a resourceful better, you should approach Belgium Cup predictions with greatest attentiveness, specifically if you the list of your plans contains big bets or bets on a major match. Since today the quantity of trusted websites providing trustworthy predictions and swiftly advancing technologies are continuously growing, any online data research gets simplified and consumes less time. So, allocate enough time on focusing on all-inclusive decision instead and filter all the info from diversified online resources. In addition, have a look at useful features collected below to include them in your assessments for enhanced effectiveness:

  • overall losses, wins, draws;
  • team’s position within the Cup/League right now;
  • odds announced by trustworthy bookmakers;
  • direct matches scores;
  • average goals per game;
  • totalized points;
  • totalized fouls;
  • % of ball possession throughout finished games;
  • totalized corners;
  • totalized red and yellow cards;
  • totalized shots on target.

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Belgium Cup Tips

By understanding a promotion-relegation structure of the Belgium Cup, one can form a full picture of historical record of every team. That’s the reason why the list of our Belgium Cup tips is built by our professional tipsters, who examine everything in details and come up with apt strategies for higher winning chances.

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Belgium Cup Betting Offers

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