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AFC Asian Cup Table

Last updated Feb. 10, 2022

The AFC Asian Cup represents the main association of football competitions among national teams of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) members. The winner becomes the Asian continental champion. Asian Cup is the 2nd oldest continental football championship across the globe (Copa America is the 1st oldest). Until 2015 the winning team was qualifying to the FIFA Confederations Cup.

AFC Asian Cup is conducted once every 4 years starting from 1956 championship held in Hong Kong until 2004 when the championship took place in China. But due to the fact that the European Football Championship and Summer Olympic Games were all conducted in the same year with the Asian Cup, the decision was taken to move AFC to a period that is less packed. Since 2004, the next Asian championship took place in 2007 with Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam acting as co-hosts. Since then, the AFC is conducted every 4 years.

Starting from 1972, the final tournament consists of 2 stages: group stage and knockout stage. Since 2019, every competing team is to play a total 3 games within a group of 4. The top 2 teams from each group are to advance to the knockout stage together with 4 best teams that have reached 3rd place. During the knockout stage all 16 teams are to compete based on a single-elimination match structure, starting with the round of 16 and reaching up the final match itself to decide the champion.

AFC Asian Cup Predictions

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  • complete record of losses, wins, ties;
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  • outcomes of direct matches played;
  • total shots on target;
  • total fouls;
  • total corners played;
  • ball possession percentage throughout conducted games;
  • yellow/red cards given.

AFC Asian Cup Betting Tips

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